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Oki Setiana Dewi , S.Hum a.k.a OSD was born in Batam, 13th of January in 1989. She’s an actress and a writer. The oldest daughter of three from Mr. Sulyanto and Mrs. Yunifah Lismawati.


OSD finished her study in The Faculty Of Humanity, Universitas Indonesia in 2012. As an icon of muslimah actress who inspired lots of teenage in Indonesia, she was recorded as the best college student who has a lot of achievements. She achieved an award as The Best New College Student in PSA MABIM FIB UI 2007 and as outstanding college student majoring art FIB UI 2010. After graduating, she became a santriwati of tahfidzul qur'an programme in Rumah Qur'an, Depok. She continue her study with learning arabic in universitas umm al quro, Makkah. In the same year, 2012, because of her love to education and children, OSD continue her study majoring Pendidikan Anak usia Dini (PAUD). She continue her post graduate in Universitas Negeri Jakarta (UNJ).


Since her elementary school until her senior high school, OSD always had the best score in class. OSD was also often being a delegate in variety contests. She’s not only have achievements in her academic history, but also have achievements in her career. She got an award as The Best Actrees in Islamic Movie Days, The Best New Actress and The Most Favorite New Actress for Movie “Ketika Cinta Bertasbih” in Indonesia Movie Awards 2010.


OSD starred some movies and serials, e/g: Ketika Cinta Bertasbih 1&2 (2010), Ketika Cinta Bertasbih Spesial Ramadhan (2010), Ketika Cinta Bertasbih Meraih ridho Illahi (2011), and Dari Sujud ke Sujud (2011). She also took a part in the soundtrack of serial Dalam Mihrab Cinta (2011) and Dari Sujud ke Sujud (2011). Besides that she already wrote 3 bestseller books. Melukis Pelangi catatan hati Oki Setiana Dewi (2011), Sejuta Pelangi pernik cinta Oki Setiana Dewi (2012) and Cahaya di Atas Cahaya(2012). 3 of her books already being reviewed in lots of places in Indonesia and abroad; like Malaysia, Singapore, Jeddah, Mekkah, etc. Her fourth book,  Hijab I’m In Love, is her newest book with different style because she launched this book with her first album with the same name, Hijab I’m In Love. She sings the songs in this album with her younger sister, Shindy.


OSD is a person who likes to teach and study. Since her senior high school, OSD had became a reading Koran teacher in TPA (Taman Pendidikan Al qur’an) for kids and adult women. Since 2009, she has become a speaker for muslimah workshop. She’s also active in some social activities. In 2012, she’s being an ambassador for Anak-anak Rumah Autis. In 2010, She was delegated as Duta Internet Sehat dan Aman by Ministry of Communication and Information.


OSD with her community “Sahabat Oki Setiana Dewi” (SOSD / @sahabatosd) who is spread across the city in Indonesia and Malaysia, has some agendas like DMKM (From a Mosque to another Mosque), and teaching Koran programme tittled “Yuk Mengaji, Al Qur’an di Hati". This programme has already held since Oktober 2011 for once a week in Tangerang Correctional Center for Women.


For sahabat who wants to invite OSD can contact:



Phone : +6281586460000

Twitter : @oki_setiana

Email : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Website : www.okisetianadewi.co.id



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